"Go Finik"
that's what we say to our cheerful, kind, curious
and beloved teddy-bear


Project for happy kids and their parents

Hello, my dear friends!
My name is Katya Ivanova.
I am a tutor and help kids to find their unique way in education.
Several years ago I came up with the idea to write short stories for my little daughters about the cities and countries we had been visiting. So Finik appeared. A teddy-bear representing a small kid traveling with his parents all around the world, very curious and full of zest. For a long time Finik had been living within my family. And now he is the main character of this Project.
Together with a team of illustrators and designers we create interesting products to develop kids imagination, creativity and to support their wellbeing and originality.
From Moscow with LOVE!
Available in English soon
Impressions Diary
The colorful album for kids to keep their impressions and memories. With funny stickers of our teddy-bear illustrated traveling, watching movies, reading, playing with friends, going to a museum/art gallery, kids will try to reflect on different situations. This diary will help to build up a useful habit: to be mindful and grateful for lovely moments of life.
My first planner TO DO
Our funny and useful planner will help to develop responsibility in kids. To deal with first money and daily routine. To think over strengths and goals.
E-mail: go.finik@gmail.com
Katya Ivanova
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